Listen to Me O God and don’t hide Your face from me because I am scared and shaking




because of the bad ones who hate me.


I wish I had wings like a dove so I could fly away and then just be quiet and rest.




I would hurry away and escape from all my trouble.




Get rid of them, O Lord, who make all this hurting and trouble.





Day and night they wander around making trouble.





And they were my friends who are hurting me.





Let death grab them and take them down quick into the fire.




But I will call upon You who will rescue me.



Evening, morning, and at lunchtime I will pray to You, I will cry out loud and You will hear me.





The Lord has lifted up my soul in quietness from the ones who were fighting against me.




God will hear me and put trouble on them, He is the One who has always been.




Everything stays the same for them so they aren’t afraid of Him. Their words are smooth as butter but in their hearts they think of stabbing me with their swords.





Throw all your troubles on the Lord and He will carry them for you and He will hold You up.





He won’t allow the ones who follow Him to be moved.


But You, O God will bring the bad ones into the pit to be smashed; ones who like blood and lies will be cut off before half of their life is over.





But I will always trust in You.