Sing with special joy to God





all lands of the world.



Sing about how amazing and great His is and all His wonderful things He does.



Because of Your power that just keeps going for ever and ever, Your enemies will bow down to You.




All the world will bow down in love to You and sing about You.



Come and see what God does. He does the most amazing things for the children of men.

He turned the sea into dry ground so His people could walk through on their feet. They were so happy with God there, when that happened.

He rules by His power forever. His eyes see all that everyone in all the nations does. Do not let the bad ones lift themselves up.


O put all your best goodness onto God and make people hear all about Him. He holds the life in our souls and keeps our feet solid on His good path.




You, O God, tested us and took the bad stuff out of our thinking and our lives.





You put men in charge over us and brought trouble to us so we would turn to You for help and lean only on You.



You took us through fire and water and carried us out into a big land full of special good things.






I will always think good things about You







and love You.





Come close to me all you who think high stuff about God and I will tell you all the good stuff He did for me.


If I think about bad stuff in my heart or do bad stuff, God will not hear or listen to my prayers.


But I am so happy that He heard me and did what I asked and put His special love on me.



God, put Your special love and good happy things and Your smile on us.




That everyone in the world may know You and how happy and healthy You make us.


Let all the people say and sing the best and highest words about You.


Let all the countries sing for joy because You make all the right things happen





and make the world burst out with good things to eat.




God, our God will put all His good things on us




and all the ends of the world will be amazed and bow down to Him.