God is our hiding place and strongness;





He is always right here with us when trouble comes.




So we won’t be scared even if the world shakes all around and the mountains fall into the ocean.





A wonderful river makes the city of God real happy,





the most special place where the most High one lives.

God is right in the middle of her and nothing bad ever happen to her anywhere at all.






The bad ones yelled long when they were mad and the kingdoms were all shook up.




Then He sounded His wonderful mighty voice and the earth melted.







The Commander of






all the armies of all the mighty angels of heaven is with us;





The God who loves the sinner is with us. So we can rest because of that.



Come see what works the Lord has done and how empty He makes the plans of the bad ones.





He stops the fighting and the wars all over the world.





He breaks their bows and cuts their spears in two.






He burns up their chariots in the fire.




Be still and quiet and know that I am God. I will be lifted up in the bad ones and in the whole world.




The Commander of all the armies of angels of heaven is with us; the God of the sinner is our hiding place.





Clap your hands all of the people; shout to God with the voice of great victory.



For the Lord most high is awesome; He is a great king over all the world.




He will put people and nations under our feet.


He will choose what we inherit for us, the most and best for the sinner that He loves. Rest your heart on that.



God went up high with a shout, the Lord with the blast of a trumpet.



Sing the best words to God; sing the highest praises to our King, sing the best words.





Because God is the King of all the earth: sing and know the words that you are singing.



God is in charge over the bad ones; He sits on the ruling chair of His best highestness.

The leaders of the people came together, the people of the God of Abraham:





the shields of the earth belong to God: His protection is everywhere:





He is so high, the highest over everything.