Happy is the Lord my strongness who teaches me to fight against the bad ones.




He is my goodness and my tall, strong hiding place way up high who saves me.







He is my shield that I lean on,





who quiets all the people under me.





Lord, what is man that You want Him?





Man is like and empty shadow that passes by real fast.


Bend the heavens, O Lord, and come down here: touch the mountains and it makes smoke come up from them.




Throw out Your lightning and chase away all the bad ones. Shoot Your arrows and wipe them out.






Send Your hand from above and lift me out of great waters,




the hands of children from other countries who follow the bad one. Their words say nothing but lies.

I will sing a new song to You, O God, of the best and highest words, to You who saves kings: who saves His servant David from hurt from the sword.




Clear away and save me from all the ones who turn their backs on You, who only say empty lies.






Do this so our sons will grow up strong in You




and our daughters be like beautiful stones in the palace.





And do this so our storerooms will be full will all kinds of yummy things to eat.

so there will be thousands and 10,000’s of sheep in our streets and our oxes will be strong to do all their work,




And so no one is breaking into our houses to take our stuff of hurt us,






And so there will be no people complaining because there is nothing wrong anywhere.




The people like this are so happy





Happy are the people who have the Lord for their God.