I will sing of God’s special love and making rightness, O Lord.





I will behave and live wise and perfect.


I won’t look at any bad thing. I hate the bad stuff the bad ones do. It won’t stick on me.




I hate the ones who turn away from You. I won’t get to know any of the bad ones.




I will cut off ones who talk bad about their neighbors.





I won’t allow any of the puffed up ones near me.




I will watch over the ones in the land that follow You.







They will serve in my kingdom.




The ones that tell lies will not stay in my house or in my sight.


I will get rid of all the bad ones out of the land and cut off the ones who do bad from the Lord’s city.




Listen to me and come quickly to answer me when I am in trouble.



I am in big trouble. My enemies make fun of me all day long.





My days go by as quick as a shadow.





But You, O Lord, have always been and will always be;




all the families of the people through all the years will always remember You.




You will get up and show your special love on Zion, Your city,




because the time You set to fill her with good things has come.





Then all the other countries will bow down



and all the kings of the world will be amazed at Your shiny brightness and all the wonder of You.



The families to come will say the best words about You because You look down from the highest heaven to help everyone when they have trouble.





I said, Do not take me away until all my days are done.

From the oldest time You, O God, laid out the ground of the world and the placed it standing strong.





The heavens






were all made by Your hands.



They will disappear but You will still be everywhere.






You will put up a new heavens






like putting on a new shirt.



But You are always the same and there is no end to all Your days and years.


The children of the ones who follow You just keep going on and on.





You set their children up for ever.