The mighty God, the Lord who controls everything, calls out to the people of the world to come to Him. He calls out all day and all night, always.




His beauty shines most excellent of all.


He will come and gather his people from out of heaven above and from the world,





who made a deal with Him to trust Him.




The heavens show how right and good He is. He is the one who decides about everything.




Listen to me, O My people, who made a deal with Me.

I won’t take anything from you because I own everything. All the animals in the woods and the cows on all the hills are Mine.


If I were hungry, I would not tell you because the whole world is Mine and all the food bursting out of it.

Just say thank you to me instead of bringing animals and make your promises to the One who is Most High above all.





Call out to Me when you are in trouble




and I will save you,




and you will be glad in Me with great gladness.

But to the bad ones the Lord God says, Who are you to tell about My ways since You hate listening to Me and throw away My words behind you.



You go with robbers and wife stealers and say all kinds of bad stuff, lies from your tongue. You say bad things about your own brother.






I have kept quiet about this, but I will show you.





Think about this, you ones who forget God, so I don’t have to spank you.





Anyone who says good things about Me, is glorifying Me.





And to the one who sets his life on My good path




I will show how big and great God saves you.


Put Your great love on me, O God, as big as it is and erase all the bad I did like it never was.






Wash it all away because it is always in my face.



The bad thing I did was only against You. You are right to give me trouble for it.





You want only truth inside my heart






and put wise things inside my thinking.






Clean me and I will be clean, white as snow.






Make my heart happy again.




Hide my face from seeing again this bad stuff I did.





Make my heart all clean and new.





Keep me always with You





and keep Your Holy Spirit inside me.




Give back to me the great happiness of being Yours.




Hold me up with Your free Spirit.





Then I will teach and turn other people back to You





and sing real loud about how good and right You are.





Open my mouth to tell all the amazing wonders of You.




You don’t want me to give up stuff, or I would.






You want me to not be puffed up






but to stay close to You.







Build us up in Your great goodness and be happy with our good thoughts to You.