God let the bad ones take His people away from their special land




because for many hundreds of years they followed the bad ones




and wouldn’t listen to the Lord their Maker.


Then the people who took them away wanted God’s people to sing to them the special songs of God’s special land, but they couldn’t.


They hanged their harps on the willow trees and said, How can we sing the special songs in this strange land?

I will always remember the city of peace, Jerusalem, and the special land God gave us, more than all my favorite things.




Remember, O Lord, all the bad things they did to us.





I will tell You how wonderful You are with my all my heart.





I will love you the best and the most as I turn my eyes to look at Your temple




and tell You how good You are because of Your special love for us and Your true words.




You have set Your words above the specialness of everything else about You.




The day I cried out to You, You called back to me and helped me and made me strong in my soul.




All the kings of the world will say the best words about You, when they hear the words that You have said.




They will sing in the special goodness of Your ways because Your special brightness and goodness is very great.





The Lord is the highest over all but He comes down to us to be with us,





but He is not close to the bad ones.



I walk right through the middle of troubles because You keep giving me energy.






You will stretch out Your hand




against my enemies and Your right hand will save me.







Your will make perfect everything about me and my life.

Your special love, O Lord, goes on and on and on and on forever and always: do not turn away from the work of Your hands.