Lord, hurry to help me, listen when I cry to You.




Let my prayer come to You like the sweet smells,





and when I lift my hands to You



like the gifts in the evening that show Your great love.






Put a guard over my mouth and don’t let my heart turn to any bad thing.



Let the right ones correct me, that will be kind, and I will pray for them when they are in trouble.



When their leaders fall down, they will hear my words






because my words are sweet.







Many bad things happen to us from the bad ones, but we keep our eyes looking to You,





O God the Lord, we lean only on You.








Do not leave us.



Keep us out of the traps the bad ones set for us. Let them fall into their own traps they set for us.





I cried out to the Lord and showed Him my trouble.




When I was so upset I couldn’t see which way to go, You knew the way for me to go.




The bad ones set a trap for me and I looked around for someone to help me, but there was no one.




There was no place for me to hide, no one cared for my soul.


I cried to You, O Lord. I said, You are all I want in this world.


Listen to me. I am very low; save me from the ones who are making trouble for me because they are stronger than me.



Bring my soul out of this jail so that I can tell how great You are.


The right ones will gather all around me because You do many good things for me.




Hear my prayer, O Lord, turn Your ear to what I ask.





You always answer me in the right way. Do not judge me because no man always does the right thing.

The enemies came after me to hurt me and beat me down to the ground and made me stay in the dark like a dead person buried in the ground.





I was so upset and my heart was empty.



I remember the times way past. I thought about all that You, O Lord, did for others back then and all the things You do now.





I reach up to You. I want You so much, like dry ground wants water.





Hear me quick because my heart is about to stop.


Let me see Your face. Let me find Your amazing special love every morning, because I lean on You.




Cause me to see the path You want me to walk on because I lift my soul up to You.




Save me from my enemies, O Lord. I run to hide in You.








Teach me to do what You want because You are my God.

Your Spirit is good, lead me into the land of those who do right.




Make me live, O Lord because of who You are, bring my soul out of trouble.


In Your special love for me, cut off my enemies and get forever rid of the ones who hurt my soul because I am Your servant.