Say the best stuff about the Lord all you who are for Him.




He is Most happy from now on and forever.

From when the sun comes up to when the sun goes down, His name is to be said the best words about.





The Lord is high above all the families of people in the world and His shiny brightness is high up above the heavens.


Who is like the Lord who lives highest up there? And has to stoop way down to see the things that are in heaven and on the world.



He lifts the poor up off the ground and lifts up the people who need everything off the garbage pile and sets them with the princes over His people.






He makes the woman who had no babies to have lots of babies and be very happy. Say great words to Him.

When Israel came out of Egypt, the family of Jacob from a people who talked different words, Judah was His safe place and Israel was in charge.



The sea ran away and the Jordan River jumped back.



The mountains skipped like happy sheep and the hills like the little lambs.



What is wrong that you run away and jump back and you mountains shake.



Be scared and shake a lot all the world because the Lord is here who has all the power everywhere;




the One who turned the rock into a fountain of waters.



Not to us, O Lord, but to Your name give the best words because of Your great special love and Your truth.





Why do the bad ones say, Where is there God?




Our God is in the heavens: He does everything He wants.




Their statues of their gods are silver and gold, made by men’s hands.




They have mouths but they do not talk.




They have eyes but they do not see anything.





They have ears but they do not hear.




They have noses but they do not smell.







They have hands but they do not touch.





They have feet but they do not walk.





They can’t talk.





The people who make them are like them and so are the ones that look to them thinking they can help.




O Israel, trust in the Lord: He is their help and their shield.



O everyone trust in the Lord: He is our help and our shield.





He is always thinking about us. He will bless us and make us happy, everyone big and small.




We are blessed of the Lord who made heaven and earth.







The heaven and the heaven above the heavens is the Lord’s,





but He gave the world to the children of men.



The dead ones can’t say how good He is, but we will be happy in Him from now on and forever.




All the best of our words and hearts are to Him.