Where has your most loved one gone, O most beautiful of women? We want to find Him with you.



My most loved One has gone into His garden, to the beds of spices to eat and gather lilies.






I am His and He is all mine.





He feeds his sheep





in the lilies.






You are so beautiful, my loved One, so amazing and beautiful.






When you look at me it knocks me over.




You are so perfect. There is no thing wrong with you.





Many queens and beautiful ones without number want me, but you are the best of all. Even all of them say how beautiful you are.




I went down to the garden of nuts to see all the fruits in the valley and to see if the vines have lots of grapes




and the pomegranates are starting to make their flowers.




Come back, come back so we can look at how amazing and beautiful you are.




Your feet are beautiful, O princes daughter and your hips are like jewels, your tummy like lilies.




Your neck is like a tower made of ivory




and your eyes are as blue as the fish ponds.





Your hair is like long purple robes. I can only stare at you and can’t turn my eyes away.



How beautiful and fun you are, you tickle my heart so much.





I want all of you and will stay with you always.







           You taste so sweet,

                  like the best wine,







like I’m dreaming.







I am only for my loved one and He only wants me.

Come, let’s go out and stay in the villages and see the new grapes coming and the pomegranates making their flowers. I will love you there.





All the fruits smell so good, everything I saved for you, O my loved one.



I wish you were my brother so I could take you home with me to stay.




I would take you to my mother’s house and give you spiced wine and hold you.



Who do I see coming up from the wild trees leaning on her loved one?




Seal my heart so that it will never change but always love you.





Love is so strong a fire






that many waters can’t put it out.




If a man gives all his money, it can’t buy love.


Hurry my loved one, Come quick to stay with me.