You are so fair, so most beautiful, my love.

Your eyes, your hair, your teeth, your lips, your neck, and every part of you is most beautiful.





All night long I will stay by your heart.







There is no spot in you, my love.





Come with me to the tops of the mountains, from the lions dens where we can see everything in the world.

You fill my heart with love like the waves of the ocean crash against the sand with just one look from your eyes.





You are so beautiful, my love, my wife. Your lips are sweet like the sweetest honey.

Your clothes smell like the wind that dances through the flowers and trees of the forest.

Thinking about you is like walking through all the most beautiful gardens of the world, smelling all their good smells.

O north wind, come and south wind too, and blow through my garden so that all the spicy good smells will go everywhere.



O come into my garden, my love, and let’s eat its yummy fruits.



I come into my garden, my love, and gather up all the good spices and drink the milk and eat the honey.


I hear my loves voice knocking at the door but I was already in my bed and didn’t want to get up to open the door.


But then I did get up to let him in, but He was gone so I went out to look for Him.


The watchmen found me searching for my love around the city and hit me and took away my veil.





O daughters help me find my love. I need him so much.




Why is he better than others, O most beautiful one, the daughters asked me?

He is the best of all the tens of thousands, like the best gold in the world. He is the most handsome and strong, far more than anyone else.


His eyes are deep as the ocean to look into and his cheeks smell like the best spices.




His hands are beautiful like gold rings and the rest of him like jewels of sapphire.




His mouth is the sweetest. He is all beautiful and good, every part of Him.