Solomon said, I saw a bad thing that happens under the sun: a man that God gave lots of everything but the man didn’t like it and wasn’t happy with any of it.





If a man has 100 children and lives for many, many years but doesn’t like anything good it is better that he didn’t live at all.




All work people do is so they can eat, but the tummy always wants more soon and we are never full for very long.



It is better to be happy with what you see than to always want something else.





There are many things that make it all emptier and worse.




Who knows what is good for man in this life all his empty days that fly by quick like a quick shadow?






Who can tell what will come next after him?





It is better that people know you are a good person, better than sweet perfume.


The day you die and go to be with God is better than the day you were born into the world.



It is better to be sad than happy because being sad makes your heart better.




Silly ones are always playing and making jokes. All their laughing is empty.





It is better to be quiet and wait than to be puffed up.



Don’t get angry quick, silly ones do that and it makes trouble for them.


Don’t say, It used to be so much better than now because that is not right. Look at what God is doing; God is always busy making things better.

If someone in your family who went before you gives you lots of land or money, be smart with how you use it. Doing the right thing with it helps protect you.

The best thing about being wise is that it makes every day of your life better and better because it helps you know God who is life.




Think about what God does, who can change any of it?





God gives both happy days and sad days, all to make things better.





Some men who do right go to be with God quickly and some bad ones live a real long time.


Don’t be very bad or silly because that will cut short the days you live in the world.




The one who stays close to the Lord will shine forever above them all.





Right thinking makes you stronger than 10 of the strongest men.





No one in the world ever did everything always right and didn’t sin at all.

Don’t care about everything everyone says because you might hear someone say bad things about you, like you do sometimes about other people.



After all this thinking about everything I said, I will be wise and think only right stuff; but I tried really hard and couldn’t do it.





I tried to know why about everything about silliness and about being crazy.




The most sour thing is a woman who tries to trap you. God will be happy if you run away from her.


I looked at each thing in life one by one to find out about everything but I didn’t find what I was looking for.




I only found this, That God made man to always do the right thing but man turned away from Him and looked for everything else instead.