Remember to think about the One who made you while you are little.



Remember before you get old and it isn’t fun anymore, when your eyes don’t see as good and your legs get weak and your teeth fall out and you don’t sleep very good and you can’t hear.




Remember to think about Him before you die and go back to dust







and the spirit goes back to God who gave it to you.




Empty, empty, everything is empty the preacher says.





Because the preacher was smart about important things he taught the people to know them too.




He looked for the best words, true words, and wrote them down to be thought about and remembered.



Words from the wise One are like the stick that keeps the cattle moving along on the right path.




They are like strong nails that hold everything together the right way.



Wise words are given by One Shepherd, the only one who knows how to do everything the best.


Listen to only these things and stay away from other words because there is no end to all the books that are made




and it makes you tired to try to know all of that other stuff too.

Solomon looked a long time to find out what is best for man to do in this world and it is this: Fear God and do what He says, this is the only thing you are to do,

because, at the end, the Lord God will look at everything, even the most hidden secrets, and He will decide if they were good or bad.