Who knows what things mean? The more you think right, the more your face shines bright.



Do what the king says and stay close to Him. Don’t look at bad stuff or do it. Then nothing bad will happen to you.




Only the Lord God knows what is going to happen. Man can’t even keep his spirit in his own body.





Doing bad things can’t help you.





King Solomon set his heart to know everything that is done under the sun.



When kings and rulers do bad to others it will come back on their own heads and hurt them.




The Lord God waits a long time letting people do their bad stuff, hoping they will turn away from it back to Him.



If you do bad a hundred times, it will still be good for the ones who listen to and follow the Lord.





But it will be bad for the ones who do bad.



It is empty when God’s people get what happens to the bad ones and when the bad ones get what’s for God’s people. God will make it right.

So I thought the best thing is just to have fun and eat and drink and be happy for all the days that God gives us under the sun.


Then I tried to see all the stuff that God is doing but there is too much to find it all.





In my heart I saw that the ones who do right, and everything they do, is in the hand of God.

The same things happen to everyone, the ones who do good and the ones who do bad. They come into the world and live their life and go out of the world.


The hearts of the sons of men are full of bad things and craziness when they are alive in the world and then they die.






It is better to be a dog and be alive than to be a lion and be dead.


Go your way and be happy eating your food and drinking your wine with a happy heart because God likes what you do.






Keep your clothes white and oil on your head.


Live very happy with the wife you love all the days of your empty life that God has given you under the sun, all the empty days.




Do what you do strong and right.




Strong ones don’t always win the battle and fast ones don’t always win the race.






The same things happen to everyone.

There was a little city in big trouble, but a poor man there was very smart and saved them all; and then everyone forgot the good thing that the smart man did.






So I said, It is better to be smart than strong.