When people think you are a good person who does the right thing, being silly for just a little bit can ruin it.




If we are silly, what we do shows everyone that we are silly.




If a leader gets mad at you, just be still in your place and his mad thoughts at you will quiet down.




Some silly ones are held up real high in people’s hearts and good ones are down real low;



some servants ride on horses and princes walk in the dirt.



If you dig a pit for someone else to fall into, you will be the one to fall into it.





Right thinking leads you on the right road.

A silly one whose words just keep running on and on is like a serpent that bites you.








A wise one’s words pour out good things





but the lips of a silly one swallow him all up.




A silly one’s words are silly and end up crazy.





Silly ones are full of words but he doesn’t know what’s coming next.






There is much trouble when a child is the king




and when the princes only want to eat.

Things are happy in the land when the king does the right thing and his princes take care of their work and eat at the right time.






Much laziness causes the house to fall down.

A big party is for laughing and wine makes happy but money fixes everything.




Do not say bad things about the king, even in your bedroom, because a little bird may carry the words to him.



Help lots of poor people and feed them because you will find it coming back to you after many days.




Clouds full of water pour down rain on the ground and trees stay where they fall.



If you watch the wind you won’t plant your seeds or gather what grows.






Like you can’t see a baby’s bones growing inside its mom, so you can’t see what God who made everything is doing.

Plant your seeds in the morning and keep busy with other work when the sun is going down so you will always have lots to eat and lots to wear and lots to give away to people who need it.




Light is pretty; it is good to see the sunlight.

If you live many years and have lots of good happy days, only let your mind know that there will be dark days too with trouble in them.

Be happy when you are young and do what you want but know that the Lord will call you to Him to talk about it if it is good or bad.

So keep sad things out of your heart and keep bad things away from your body because being children and being young is empty.