King Solomon said, I looked at all the hard stuff that happens to people in the world and they had no one to make it better, to hold them and tell them it will be ok.




So I said, It is better to not be alive.

I thought about all the hard work people do just to get the same thing that they see that someone else has. This is very upsetting.

It is better to have just a little that you need when your life is quiet than to have lots of stuff and lots of trouble with it.

When people are by themselves the work is harder. It is better to have two people together to share the work so they won’t be alone and so it won’t be so hard.





If one falls down the other one can help him get up.


And they will keep each other warm when they are asleep.

And two can fight better when a bad one comes to take your stuff.




Three is even better than two.



It is better to be a poor child who knows wise things and than an old silly king who won’t listen when the Lord tries to help him. His kingdom becomes poor.


I thought about all the people walking around in the world and saw that when one child grows up, more come.




There is no end to all the people. And they don’t remember the ones who were there before them.



Guard what you do when you go to God’s house and be there to listen.



Do not make quick promises to God because He is in heaven and you are on the world. Don’t say many words.






Silly ones talk too much.

When you make a promise to God, do what you said quickly. It is better not to make Him a promise than to promise and not do it.





Many dreams and many words are empty, just keep looking at how good God is.






When you see someone doing wrong or bad things, don’t be upset because the high ones are watching.




If you love silver you won’t ever get enough because it can’t make you happy.




When you have more stuff, more will come to use it up.

If you work hard you will sleep very sweetly but people have too much stuff won’t be able to sleep because they will worry about their stuff.



When people have a lot but won’t share it, that will hurt them.





People come into the world with nothing and can’t take anything with them when they go. This too is a hard thing.


It is good to eat and drink and enjoy the good things that your work brings to you all the days that God gives you to live under the sun.


When God gives riches and gives you to be happy about them, that too is one of God’s many good gifts to you.





When his days are done he won’t think about it here because God makes him so happy in his heart.