I said, I’m going to find all the best fun things I can to do. And I did, but my heart was still empty and wanting something else.

Then I tried drinking all the kinds of wine to be happy and that didn’t work either. It was empty too.



I learned all of man’s wise things, trying to find out what is the best thing for men to do under heaven all the days that they live.



I built great houses and planted gardens and vineyards and orchards of all kinds of fruit trees.





I made pools of water to water all the kinds of trees.




I got servants and ladies and they had children in my house.

I got all kings of animals, big ones and small ones, more than anyone else ever had in Jerusalem.

I saved piles and piles of gold and silver and jewels and treasures of kings from everywhere in the world.



I got lots of singers and clowns and harps and everything that makes music.




I was so great, more than anyone else in all that I had.






Whatever I wanted I got and did every fun thing that there is to do.





I was happy about all the work I did.



Then I looked at it all and it was all empty and upsetting me.





It was all no good. Everything under the sun is no good to me.





Then I saw that it is far better to be wise than silly.

The same thing happens to everyone, so why be more wise? This is empty too.

Ones who are wise will not be thought of any more just like ones who are silly or do bad things. Both of them die and their bodies crumble to dust and they disappear.




I hated life then and everything I had done. It all made me so upset because I will go to be with God and leave all my stuff behind for someone else to have. This is really bad.

There is nothing better for a man than to eat and drink and like the work that he does.







This comes from the hand of God.



God gives to ones that He sees are good to know wise things and be happy.



But to the bad ones He gives trouble and they save up their stuff to give to ones who like God.






This too upsets me and is empty.