Soft words turn people from being angry.




The eyes of the Lord are everywhere watching the bad and the good.




Right words from your mouth bring life.




Silly ones don’t listen to what their dads tell them




but it is smart to listen.



There is much treasure in the house of ones who do right but riches that come from doing bad bring trouble.





When bad ones give stuff to the Lord, He hates it.





The Lord loves the ones who do what is right.





Ones who wander off God’s path hate to be corrected.





Hell and ruin are in God’s sight and so are men’s hearts. He sees it all.

A happy heart makes a happy face but sadness breaks the spirit.



It is better to have just a little bit of stuff and have the Lord than to have a lot of treasure and trouble too.




It is better to eat vegetables where there is love than hamburgers and French fries where there is hate.



An angry man stirs up everyone to be angry with him, but a quiet one calms it all down.






A lazy man has lots of thorns in his road






but right ones have a clear straight path.


When a son does right he makes his dad glad but silly ones hate their mother.





Silly ones are happy doing what is silly but right ones walk straight on God’s right path.




It is so good to say the right words at the right time.




God’s way to live is high to ones who are wise; it keeps their feet out of the lake of fire.




The Lord will erase all the house of the puffed up ones but He will protect all the land of the woman whose husband has died.







God hates the thinking of the bad ones but is very happy with pure and right words.

Someone who wants only money makes lots of trouble for his family; ones who hate taking money to do the wrong thing will live.





Right ones think about what to say but bad ones just pour out bad words.




The Lord is far from the bad ones but listens to the prayers of His right ones.





Seeing the light makes the heart happy and hearing good things makes the bones fat.





Wise ones listen to words of life.




Ones who won’t listen hate their own soul.





Holding the Lord highest in our hearts is the smartest thing you can do





and keeping yourself from being puffed up comes before God lifts you up.