Wine makes fun of you and strong drinks make madness. It will trick you if you aren’t wise.





Whoever makes the king angry is hurting his own soul.




It is big goodness to stop fighting, but silly ones keep sticking their nose in what is none of their business.



Lazy ones won’t plow their fields when the weather is cold




and then they have to beg for food.


Most men say how good they are but who says how good the Lord is?



A man who does what the Lord says brings good blessings on his children.








Everyone can see even when children do what is right.





The ear hears and the eye sees but the Lord made both eyes and ears.




If you love to sleep you will be poor, open your eyes and get up and do your work and you will have lots to eat.

Lips that tell the right thing are better than gold and rubies; they are a beautiful treasure.


Telling a lie may seem sweet when you are doing it but later it seems like your mouth is full of rocks.



Saying bad things about your father and mother brings you into darkness.


When someone does a bad thing to you, don’t be quick to get back at him, but wait for the Lord, He will save you.



A wise king chases away the bad ones and crushes them.






The spirit of a man is the candle of the Lord, looking at everything inside.



God’s special goodness and truth keep and guard the king and hold his throne up high.




Spanking takes the bad stuff out of us.