I want to know the most special one.





I want to know the One who went up into heaven and who went down below.




I want to know the One who gathers the wind in His fists




and tied up the waters of the sea in the tail of His coat



and set the ends of the earth so they don’t move.




What is His name? What is His Son’s name? Can you tell Me?





Every word from God is pure.





He is a shield around the ones who lean on Him.




Do not add any of your words to His word so He won’t have to correct you.




Keep me far away from empty ones and liars.




Let me not be rich or poor but just give me what I need to eat so I won’t get too full and think I don’t need You, Lord.




Or so I won’t be poor and take from someone else what isn’t mine.





There is a time of people who think they are right but aren’t clean to God.




They think they are very high up. Their words hurt people deep.



It is so nice to watch an eagle soar and float in the heavens





or a ship sailing out on the ocean.





Bad ladies take and love other ladies husbands and then eat and say, I haven’t done anything wrong.


Four things in the world are very wise. Ants are not strong but save up their food for winter.




Rabbits are not strong but make their house in the rocks.





Grasshoppers don’t have a leader but all go out in order.





And spiders are tiny but live in king’s palaces.





Lions are the strongest animals and don’t run away from any of the other animals.