Children, listen to your parents and know what is right to do.





Solomon was David’s and Bathsheba’s son and they loved him very much






so they taught Him these wise words from God






so that he would live a long time and his life would always be good.





The most important thing is to get the wise words from God and guard them in your heart.





Then you will be held up high.





If you keep these words as what you live by, your life will be long and God’s special love will be a crown on your head and He will put much glory on you.


You will go straight on through your life and run fast and not trip and not get captured by the bad ones.




Hold on tight to the wise words, they are your life.







Do not go down the road of the bad ones, even a little bit.






They can’t sleep at all until they have done something very bad.







They hate God and they hate people and hurt people.



The road they take is dark and scary and they can’t see what they keep tripping over.

But the road of the ones who do right is a bright light that just keeps getting brighter and brighter


until that special day that God comes to be ruler over the world.

My son, listen to all my words and keep them close in your heart and keep them right in front of your eyes because they are life to your heart and healthy good feelings to your body.






Don’t let puffed up words come out of your mouth






and keep your eyes on the path straight in front of you; do not turn off the path to this side or that side.

   Keep your feet far away from all the bad stuff.





My Son, hear my wise words so that you will guard what is right and say the right things.



Women who don’t listen to the Lord say nice and sweet words, sweet as honey; but it is a trap that will take you to a bad place that no one ever wants to go.

If you think about what she is doing you will see that it leads to big trouble and will take away from you all your good stuff that God gives you and your stuff will go to mean people who don’t care about you.



You will groan with sadness at the end and wish you had listened to my wise words.






Love and give yourself to the one that God will make to fit only you and do not love or give yourself to others.







She will always dazzle you with her love.

Why love other women? The eyes of the Lord are watching all men and thinking about what they do.





The ones who don’t listen will hurt themselves and fall into trouble they make for themselves with a big crash.