Solomon’s mom taught him important stuff about being king.




She told him not to have lots of women or pleasures because it would make him not be a strong king.

And she said, Don’t drink wine or other drinks that make you weak or not think right



because you might forget what the Lord says to do and make wrong court decisions. That would hurt the people you are in charge over.


Give strong drinks to ones who are dying and wine to sad ones because their hearts are heavy. Let them drink and forget their troubles.



Say right things for the ones who don’t know what to say, talk for them. Protect them from the ones who want to take their land and their stuff.


Who can find a woman who does right? She is worth much more than rubies.



He husband trusts her that she won’t spend all of his money. She does good to him everyday and not bad all her life.





She works with her hands making clothes to sell in the stores.




She cooks good food from far places. She keeps lots ready for her servants and everyone in her house.


She buys land and plants a vineyard that makes good grapes and raisins and wine.






She does exercise to make her body strong.







She knows that what she does is good and she will help you even in the middle of the night if you need her.



She spins cloth and helps the poor.

She is not afraid when the cold weather comes and it snows because she keeps everyone at her house in warm red coats.





She makes clothes for herself with beautiful designs and wears silk and purple.





Everyone knows her husband. He sits with the leaders of the land.





She makes fine linen and sells it and takes the beautiful things she makes to sell in the stores.





She is strong to do the right thing and will always be happy forever.

When she talks, she only says wise words that help people; she never says mean words that hurt people’s hearts.



She keeps everything done well at her house and doesn’t sit around wasting time doing nothing.




Her children grow up and are happy about her; her husband tells how good she is.





Many do well but she is better than all of them.







Being charming tricks a person and being beautiful is nothing important,







but a lady who listens to and follows the Lord will be held high.


Give her what she gives to others and let all good things be said about her at the place where the leaders are ruling the country.