Thinking that silly people are great is like snow in the summertime





or like rain when you’re trying to bring your crops out of the field.


Words from our mouths have power to do what we say unless we say bad things on someone for no reason.




Silly ones need to be spanked so they won’t do bad things and get into trouble with God.





Don’t answer back silly things to silly ones or you will be silly like them.




Sending a message by a silly one is silly; it won’t get there.





Like a big splinter in your hand is a wise story out of a silly ones mouth.



The great God who made everything rewards silly ones and bad ones.





A man who thinks he is the smartest, a silly one will do better then him.




A lazy man says, There is a lion in the streets. He just lays there turning this way and that way in his bed.



Lazy ones think they are very smart and that workers are silly fools.


A crazy person throws fireballs. It is the same to tell lies to your neighbor and then say, I was just making a fun joke.






If you take away the wood the fire goes out.





If you take away the tattletale the trouble stops.






An angry man starts trouble like a match starts fire.





A bad heart is like a broken cup covered with dirty silver.



When a hater says nice words don’t believe him because he has 7 hates in his heart.





Everyone will see his badness.




Whoever makes a trap for someone else will fall into it himself.





A liar hates the ones he talks to, and talk that puffs up ruins people.