Don’t brag about what you think will happen tomorrow because you don’t really know what will happen.




Let other people tell how good you are, don’t do it yourself.




When a silly one gets angry it’s heavier than a really big rock.



When you are mad you get mean but the worst is wanting other peoples stuff.




When your tummy is full you don’t even want cookies but everything tastes sweet when you are hungry.





Good smells make your heart happy





and so do good words from your friends.


Stay good to your friends and your dad’s friends and don’t go into other people’s houses when they are having trouble, just be close by if they need you.



My son, be wise. It will make my heart happy.


A good thinking person watches and sees when bad stuff is coming and hides himself from it; but silly ones just run ahead right into it and get in trouble.





Doing good to the one who is boss over you will bring good things to you.



Hell is never full and man’s eyes always want to see more.




If you beat a silly one for a long time, he will still be silly.

Take good care of your cows and sheep and animals and see that they are always safe and have good food because they will feed you if you run out of money or aren’t the ruler anymore.