A wise son listens and does what his Dad says; but bad ones don’t listen.




Your mouth will eat things that taste good if good words come out of your mouth.



When you watch what you say you are guarding your life.




Blabbermouths cause lots of trouble and bad stuff.




A lazy one wants everything and has nothing




but hard workers will have lots of everything.





If you are doing right, you hate lying.





Bad ones will be very embarrassed and ashamed.





Doing the right thing guards you






but doing bad things trips up the sinners.




Ones who do right following the Lord are very happy




but the bad ones will only have darkness.






           Trouble comes






when people are puffed up in their hearts.





Anyone who hates God’s words will be totally ruined and gone but ones who fear and do God’s words will be happy and have big rewards.




Ones who don’t listen will be poor and embarrassed but ones who listen, everyone will hold them high and think good things about them.




If you go with wise people you will be wise and if you go with silly people you will be silly.





Bad things chase after the bad ones




and good things come to the ones who follow the Lord.






A wise woman builds up her house but a silly one tears it down by what she does.




Right ones fear the Lord and bad ones hate Him.



When bad words come out of your mouth, trouble will come but wise words keep you safe.




Go away from a silly person when you see that he is silly.




Wise ones see where they are going but silly ones walk in lies.



There is a way that seem right but leads to death.




Even when laughing the heart can be sad.





A wise one is afraid of bad stuff and turns away from it




but silly ones run into it yelling loud.





Silly ones get silly things but wise ones get a crown of smartness.





Bad ones will bow down to the good ones.





Hating your neighbor is a sin




but you are happy if you are kind to people who don’t have much stuff.







All work brings plenty of money but just talking all the time makes you poor.





The crown of the wise ones is their money but fools get only silliness.

Telling the truth about God saves people but bad ones tell only lies.






Doing right holds the nation up high





but doing bad brings spanking.





Kings like wise people but are angry with ones who do bad.