Do not want to be with bad ones because God will make lots of trouble for them.



Learning about the Lord will fill up all your heart and house with special treasures and riches.





The more you learn about God, the stronger you are.





The Lord gives back to everyone what they do.




Eat honey because it is good.



Right learning will be like honey to your soul. It brings you to the Lord who gives you a sweet reward.



Bad ones, stay away from the house of God’s children. They may trip seven times but the Lord will hold them up.






Don’t be glad when your enemy falls or trips. The Lord won’t like it.



Don’t be upset about bad ones or the bad stuff they do. Don’t want to be like them because they don’t get any reward but will be snuffed out.




My son, hold high the Lord and the king.


And stay away from ones who change their ways all the time because trouble will come to them real quick.



It is not good to play favorites when judging or to tell bad ones they are good or tell good ones they are bad.







That will make people curse you and nations hate you.





A good blessing will come on ones who turn others to do right.





Plant your fields first and then build your house.





Do not tell any lies about someone or say things that aren’t right.





Don’t get back when someone does wrong to you, let the Lord get back for you.





A lazy man’s field grows over with stickers





and the walls fall down.




Resting too much and taking lots of naps makes you poor.






It sneaks up on you.