It is better to have people know that you are a good person than to have bags of gold.






Rich and poor, God made them all.





A wise man sees the bad coming and hides,




but silly ones go right into it and are spanked.



Keeping your heart low about yourself and holding the Lord up high brings riches, honor, and life to you.






Puffed up ones get many thorns in their feet.


If you train your child to go the right way when he is little, he will not turn away from it when he is old.






Throw out the troublemaker and the trouble will stop.




One who keeps bad stuff out of his heart will have good words that will make him the king’s friend.





The eyes of the Lord hold up the words of the ones that know right things, but He throws away the words of ones who do bad.





The lazy man says, There is a lion outside and I will be killed.




Children have silliness stuck in their hearts but spanking drives it away.



One who take away the stuff of the poor so they can have it and be rich, will soon be poor too.




Listen to right words and keep knowing right things in your heart because it will guard you so that you will keep leaning on the Lord.




I tell you right things so you will know what is true.




Do not hurt the poor or take from them because the Lord sticks up for them, and He will take away the soul of the ones who take from them.


Do not be friends with someone who gets mad easy so you won’t learn to be mad too and trap yourself.




Do not say you will pay what some other person owes. If you have nothing to pay, why should they take away even your bed from under you?



Leave alone the boundary lines of the fields that were set at first.


Men who do their work right and good will stand before kings and not low men.