My son, don’t promise to pay back stuff that your friend borrows from someone else.




If you have promised, go to your friend and take your promise back quick.

O lazy ones, Watch what the ants do. They don’t have a leader but they gather and save up their food in summer and harvest so they will have enough for the wintertime.

Get up and get busy planting your crops and storing them or doing your work and selling it.






Taking naps all the time will make you real poor.






The Lord hates the thinking of the puffed up ones and He hates liars,






and He hates people who kill people that did nothing wrong.





He hates hearts that think up bad stuff to do and feet that hurry to make trouble.





The Lord hates people that lie in court




and people that stir up trouble to make brothers fight against each other.




My son, guard what your Mom and I tell you. Keep it in your heart and tie it around your neck.





Then where you go, it will lead you.





And when you sleep it will guard you,





and when you wake up it will talk with you.



God’s words are like a lamp to guide you the right way so that your life will be good.


It will keep you away from beautiful women who tell lies about how great you are so they can get something from you.





Do not want her beauty or follow when she winks at you because



she will take all you have and leave you with only a piece of bread



and she will always be looking for something to make her happy and never find it.


Can you hold fire up to your chest and it not burn you? Can you walk on burning coals and your feet not get burned?




Whoever goes with another man’s wife to love her doesn’t understand how God does things and how He makes people happy.



He that takes another man’s wife is ruining his own soul. He will be made ashamed and it won’t ever go away because it makes men really, really mad.





And he won’t take any money or anything to make it better though you give him many presents.