It is better to eat a dry piece of toast in a quiet house than a big yummy picnic where people are fighting.




Men get the bad stuff out of gold and silver by heating it in a pot, but the Lord cleans the bad stuff out of our hearts.




If you make fun of poor people you are saying bad stuff about their Maker.




Whoever is glad when bad things happen will be spanked.





Whoever hides someone’s bad things wants their love.



One who tells secrets splits up best friends.




One correcting word does more good to a wise man than 100 hits on the back with a switch does to a silly person.

A bad one only tries to get people to turn away from the Lord, so a mean one will be sent against that bad one.



Whoever does bad to someone who does them good, bad things will stay on their house.




A little trouble turns into a big flood, so don’t let it start at all.



Some say the bad ones are doing right and some say the good ones are doing wrong. God hates both of these things.




Silly ones try to buy smarts but they can’t keep it in their heart.





A friend always loves you and brothers will help when trouble comes.




Saying bad things will bring trouble on you.





Silly children make their parents sad.



A happy heart is good like medicine but a sad spirit dries up your bones.




A bad man pays people to do the wrong thing.




It is not good to spank someone for doing what is right.


If you know what is really going on in life, you will not let all the words you think come out of your mouth.




Even silly ones seem wise when they don’t talk much.





Keeping your mouth shut makes you seem smart.


Fools and silly ones don’t want to learn and understand, they just want to spill out everything they think in their heart.



It is not good to like the bad and harm the ones who follow the Lord.




A fool’s mouth brings him to trouble and ruin.




People who tell secrets cause hurt like a sword deep in the heart.





A lazy one wastes a lot.







The Lord is a strong tower where the right ones run to be safe.




Rich men hide behind their money, thinking it will save them.




When a man's heart gets puffed up he will be ruined; but the ones who think right about themselves will be lifted up.





Ones who don’t listen to the whole story first will be embarrassed.




If your heart is smart you will want to learn and understand.




The first one to talk seems right until the next one tells what he thinks.



If you upset your brother it won’t be easy to be friends with him again.





Words from your mouth bring life or death.




Finding your wife that the Lord made for you is a good gift from the Lord.




The poor talk nicely with soft words but the rich ones answer with hard words.





To have friends you need to be a good friend.





The Lord is a friend who stays closer to you than a brother.