Man thinks about what to plan but God gives the right words.




Every man thinks he is doing the right thing but God checks to see if it is right.




Let the Lord be in charge over what you do and He will set your thinking right.




The Lord made everything for Himself, even the bad ones for the day of trouble.






The Lord hates every puffed up one.




Even if they all get together against the Lord, He will stop them and spank them.

Bad things are got rid of by God’s special love and His truth. When men see what He is really like, they turn away from bad things.


When the Lord is happy with what a man is thinking and doing, the Lord even quiets that man’s enemies.


It is better to have only a little money and be doing the right stuff than to have lots of  money and be doing bad stuff.




A man plans what way to go in his heart but the Lord leads his steps.





God gives kings their right way and right words.




Fairness comes from the Lord. Doing right in business is His work.






It is hateful when kings do bad. Their throne is set firm when they do right.





The light of a king’s face brings good life and his goodness to you is like soft rain sprinkling down.


It is far better to get wise thinking than to get gold, and it is better to see how things really are than the best silver.




Right ones turn away from the bad stuff and the bad one. If you keep your feet on God’s path you are guarding yourself.





Being puffed up comes before being ruined, and thinking you know everything comes before falling.





Leaning on the Lord makes you very happy.




Wise thinking bring good life but silly thinking brings only silly emptiness.



Nice words are like honey, sweet to the soul and wellness to the bones.




There is a path that seems right but leads to being dead.




The bad ones dig up evil and their lips burn with fire.


A puffed up man plants trouble everywhere and someone who whispers secrets splits up best friends.





One who doesn’t get mad fast is stronger than one with big muscles.



One who guards what he is thinking inside him is stronger than one who conquers a whole city.




Men roll the dice or flip coins or draw straws, but the Lord decides who wins.