The king’s heart is in God’s hand, like rivers of water, He turns it wherever He wants.





Man thinks what he’s doing is right, but God thinks about what is in their hearts.


To be fair and do the right thing first is better to the Lord and bringing an offering to cover doing something wrong.



It is wrong to think you are better than others or to think that you know better than God.

Taking care to do what is right will fill up your life with good things, but rushing through everything will cause you to be needing lots of stuff.






Lying to get stuff is empty and confusing.





Stealing will ruin your life.



It is better to live in the corner of your roof than with a fighting woman in a very big house.




When someone is spanked, the ones around him learn to do better.



Wise ones listen and do right.




God throws over the bad ones for doing bad.



Whoever won’t listen when the poor ones need something will soon need things himself.




A present makes a mad ones anger go away.






People who are right are happy to do what is right but bad ones ruin everything.





Wandering away from God’s path takes you to be with dead people.

Whoever loves to have fun and who loves wine will be poor.




There is treasure in the house of the ones who do right but silly ones spend it all.


The ones who follow what the Lord says is right, find His special love and rightness






and will be lifted up high.




Keeping your mouth shut guards your soul from troubles.





Lazy ones want everything all day,





but hard workers have plenty to give to others.





God hates the presents the bad ones bring to Him,






instead, He wants them to do right and stop hurting people.




No one can do anything against the Lord because He has all the power.





Men get their horses ready for the battle, but it is God who keeps them safe.