It is better to be poor and do right than be silly and say bad things.





It is not good not to learn to know the right things.






Silly ones go on twisted paths and try to go against the Lord.





If you love your soul you will learn wise things.




It doesn’t seem right for fools to be happy or for slaves to rule over princes.




Wise men turn away from being mad.







It is a bright good thing to let it go when someone does bad to you.






When the king is mad it is like the roar of a lion





but when he likes you it is very helpful.


A silly son brings big troubles to his dad and an upset wife keeps picking at her husband.





Laziness makes deep sleep and ones who don’t work will be hungry.





Doing what the Lord says guards your soul;





ones that hate the Lord’s ways will die.




What you give to help the poor is loaned to God and He will pay it back to you.



Spank your son while there is still enough time and don’t hold back when he cries because it will help him have a good life.






Mad men will be punished. If you get them out of trouble you will have to do it over and over.



Listen and learn so you will be wise in the end.




Man’s heart is full of all kinds of plans but what the Lord says to do is what will stand forever.




A poor man is better than one who tells lies.




Honoring the Lord brings good life and a full happy heart, and nothing bad will come to him.



Do not listen to words that turn you away from following the Lord.