One who is spanked a lot but still won’t turn away from doing bad will be taken away from the world fast.


When people who follow the Lord are in charge the people are real happy; when bad ones are the boss it makes many sad people.


Wise ones made their dad happy. Playing with bad ladies costs all your money.



Telling people that they are better than they are puts a net for their feet to trip on.




Bad things from the bad ones are a trap; but right ones sing and are happy.





Right ones help the poor but the bad ones don’t want to think about it.








Wise men try to turn the silly ones to be good but there is no rest.





The Lord shows everyone in their hearts what is good and right.






A king who does right will rule forever.






A child who isn’t spanked will make his mom embarrassed.




When there are many bad ones lots of bad things happen, but right ones will see them fall.



Ones who listen to God will be happy.




One who answers fast will be embarrassed.




One who makes everyone angry causes lots of trouble and pain.






Being puffed up will cause you to be brought low.





Doing the right things holds you up high.







Being afraid of people will make you trip but trusting the Lord will keep you safe.






Many try to be friends with the king but the Lord is the one who gives you all the good stuff.





Bad ones hate the good ones and good ones hate the bad ones