It is the bright shiny goodness of God to hide a thing but kings search it out.





Heaven is high and the earth is deep but you can’t find the bottom of a king’s heart.


Take the bad stuff out and you have something good. Take the bad ones away from the king and his nation will be right.

Don’t stand up and say how good you are in front of the king or great men. Let them find out for themselves.


Only talk about an upset with the one who upset you and do not tell secrets or later you will be embarrassed.


Saying the right words at the right time is like golden apples in a silver bowl.





A beautiful jewel is a person who gives wise words to someone who listens.




A messenger who goes straight and quickly is like a drink of cold water when you are thirsty.




Promising presents that you don’t give is like a cloud that doesn’t drop its rain.




Keep trying patiently and the prince will be won over.






One who speaks softly breaks the hardest heart.




Eat honey until it is just enough, too much will make you throw up.




Don’t stay too long at your neighbor’s house so he won’t get tired of looking at you.







A man who tells lies is like a sword, or like a sharp arrow.



Trusting someone who can’t do what you need is like trying to walk on a broken foot.



Singing songs to someone who is sad is like taking away his coat on a very cold day.



If your enemy is hungry give him food, if he is thirsty, give him water to drink.




Being kind to him piles coals of fire on his head








and the Lord will give you a reward for it.





When you do this you are being like God because He is kind to everyone.




It is better to live in the corner of the roof than with an angry woman in a big house.




Bowing down to bad ones is like drinking dirty water.



It is not good to look at all the good things about yourself and make a big deal about you.




If you can’t control yourself it is like a city




that’s all broken with walls falling down.