Wise words build





a house inside our hearts for God to live in.






They say, Everyone! Come in here and eat the best foods.





Whoever is not smart, come in here and you will be smart.




Turn away from the silly ones and bad ones.




If you try to make silly ones or bad ones do what is right, they will just make you embarrassed with their words.




Ones who are following the Lord will be glad if you help them do better.




Honoring the Lord is the starting place of being wise and doing right.





Knowing God is the best thing to do, but if you turn away from Him you make trouble for yourself.




Wise words in your heart will make for you many long good days.





Silly women are loud and don’t know anything. They try to trick men into trouble by saying it will be fun.






But dead stuff is there.


When a son follows the Lord it makes a Dad real happy but a silly son is heavy trouble to a mom’s heart.




Treasures from doing bad won’t stay long but doing the right thing keeps safe even from dying.




The Lord will not let the ones who do right be hungry but He throws away the food of the bad ones.



Being lazy will make you poor but doing good steady work will make you rich.




Good things from God are on the head of the ones who follow the Lord but hurt comes to the ones who follow the bad ones.





If you do the right things you will always be thought about with good thoughts but yuk will come to the ones who do bad.







If you follow the Lord, you will say things that bring good life to the ones who hear you.







Hate makes trouble





but love covers all badness.




Spanking helps silly ones to do right.


If you keep guarding wise words you will live; but it is wrong not to listen when someone tries to get you to do the right thing.


When many words come out of your mouth it can be bad. It is smart not to let many words come out of your mouth.


When you do right, what you say is like the best silver. It will fill up the hearts of many people with good things.





Silly ones die because they need wise words that give life.

God’s good blessings make you very rich and He doesn’t let anything sad come in with it.





Bad ones think it is a fun game to do bad stuff but a man who likes right words will do the right thing.

The bad things that the bad ones are afraid of will come on them; but God will give the ones who follow Him everything they want.

The bad ones will be carried away forever like a big wind and they will be gone, but the ones who do right will stand strong in the Lord forever.





Thinking high thoughts of the Lord


will bring long, good days to you, but the bad ones cut off their own days.



The ones who do right will always be very happy forever but the bad ones will be gone.




God’s way makes His people strong but the bad ones will be ruined into nothing.

The ones who follow the Lord will always be on the earth, but the bad ones won’t.