My son, don’t forget what I told you, but guard it in your heart because it will give you a long life of peace and good things from the Lord God.


Stay close to the Lord’s special love and truth. Then God will be very happy with you and people will be happy with you too.


Trust only what the Lord says, and not what you think about stuff. Lean only on Him and ask Him about everything first. He will show you what to do and where to go.

Do not think you know everything already, but listen to what the Lord says to us in His book and turn away from the bad ones. This will make you very healthy and strong, and not sick.




Show the Lord God that you hold Him high in your heart by giving Him the first of everything that comes to you.


Then your house and barns will be full of good food

                         and wine.



Do not hate it when the Lord corrects you. The Lord corrects us because He loves us…we are His sons.




You will be very happy if you learn from the Lord. It will make you smart and wise




because this is better than silver and the best gold,


even better than rubies. Nothing you want is as good as the wise thoughts from the Lord.



Wise thinking will lead you to many great adventures and long good days of riches and people holding you high.





By wise thinking the Lord made the world





and set up the heavens






and makes the oceans and lakes






and the clouds to give us rain.






Guard the wise words from God in your heart and don’t let them slip away.






They will be life in your souls and God’s special love around your neck.





They will keep you walking safely so you don’t slip or trip.



When you lie down you won’t be afraid and you will sleep sweetly.




Do not be afraid when bad things happen quickly. The Lord will keep you safe.





When you can do a good thing for someone, do it, don’t hold back or say, I’ll do it tomorrow.



Do not plan bad stuff against other people and don’t make trouble and get into fights.



Do not wish you were like the bad ones. Don’t want anything about him or what he does.







Puffed up ones stink really bad to the Lord,



but His special secret is with the ones who do what He says.

Bad ones put God’s curse on their houses but the Lord puts good blessings on the house and family of the ones who do what He says.

The ones who are wise will be given to keep forever God’s special brightness that is most special and beautiful





but the ones who say there is no God will be very embarrassed.