When you sit down with a king or leader to eat, don’t just dive in and gobble up everything but think about it. His food may taste good but not be good for you.



Do not work just to be rich; and stop trying to know everything





but think about what the Lord says, that is the smart thing to do.





Do not eat with bad ones because they say they like you but maybe they don’t.




Don’t try to make silly ones wise, they will hate what you say.




Don’t move the boundary markers or go into the field of children whose dads are gone





because the One who helps and watches over them is strong and He will deal with you.




Set your heart to learning right things and your ears to hear words of ones that know right things.




Don’t hold back from correcting your child, it will save his soul from hell.



My son, if you are wise, it will make your dads heart happy.



Do not wish to be like the bad ones but keep thinking how amazing God is all day long.


The bad ones will be cut off and not stay long in the world.

Keep your heart in God’s path and stay away from ones who drink too much wine and beer and eat lots of party food because they will end up sleepy and wearing only rags.




Listen to your dad and do not think bad about your mom when she gets old.





Keep the truth as the most special thing, hold on tight to it.




Stay away from women who don’t stay on the right path, they will lead you to fall into a pit that’s hard to get out of.