Bad ones run away when no one is chasing them but ones who follow the Lord stand bold as a lion.


When the nation is doing the wrong thing it has many leaders but a man who know the Lord and His ways keeps good things coming to the country.



A poor king who takes much tax money from his people is like a rain that sweeps away all the food.



Ones that don’t listen to the Lord’s words say that the bad are good. but the ones who listen to the Lord argue with them to get them to do right.





Bad ones do not understand what is right but ones that follow the Lord understand everything.



It is better to be poor and do right than to be rich and do bad things.



The one who charges too much money will only save it up for the Lord to give it to the poor.




The Lord hates the prayers of the ones who don’t listen to Him.





Ones who get the good ones off the Lord’s path will fall themselves, but the ones who stay on the path will have many good things.



When men who do right are happy it is very good but when the bad ones rise up men hide.



If you pretend you don’t sin it won’t be good but if you tell it to the Lord He will forgive you and help you.



Happy is everyone who stays amazed at the Lord but turning away from the Lord brings trouble.






Like a roaring lion or an angry bear is a bad ruler over poor people.


The prince that doesn’t understand is very hard on his people but the one who hates wanting others stuff will last a long time.


A man that gets his way by hitting or cutting or shooting people is running straight into the pit, don’t let anyone stop him.

Listening to the Lord saves you from the bad ones and bad stuff, but turning away from Him causes you to fall real quick.

Dig up your land and plant seeds and you will have plenty of food but following empty persons will make you poor.



Sticking by the Lord causes good things to flood over you but hurrying to be rich will cause trouble.





Thinking some people are better than others is wrong.

If you tell someone to do the right thing, they won’t like it at first, but later they will like you and be happy you helped them do better.




It is bad to steal from your father or mother.  It is like the bad ones that ruin everything.


Being puffed up stirs up trouble; but trusting the Lord fills up with everything good.



Trusting yourself is silly because you didn’t make everything and you don’t know everything.



Listening to the Lord who did make everything and does know everything keeps you safe from trouble.

One who gives the poor what they need will always have plenty of everything but hiding your eyes from him will bring a curse on you.




When bad ones rise up men hide away; but when they are gone then more good ones come.