The Lord hates it when people charge too much money for things but it tickles Him a lot when people charge fair prices.






When you get puffed up you will soon be embarrassed; it is wise to not think too much about yourself.




Lots of money won’t help when God gets angry at you.



If you are one who does right, it keeps you out of trouble but following the bad ones causes bad stuff to come on you.



When people are doing the right thing the whole city is happy;



when the bad ones are gone they shout because they are so happy.





God’s blessing on the city lifts it up high but the words of the bad ones ruin it.




A tattletale tells secrets but the steady ones keep the secrets.



If you promise to pay the stuff that someone you don’t know owes, it will hurt you.





Ones who are kind to others are doing good to themselves.






Mean ones hurt themselves.




Bad ones do lies, but the ones who do right will have a reward that lasts.






Following the Lord keeps you alive




but following the bad one goes straight on to death.






Even if all the bad ones get together against God,





they will still be punished.







A beautiful woman who does the wrong thing is like a pig with a diamond in its nose.






The ones who do right can expect good things to happen to them






and the ones who do wrong can expect God to spank them.






One who trusts his money will fall



but the ones who trust the Lord will be like a beautiful branch full of yummy fruit.



One who does what God says will have much good special stuff from the Lord;





he will stay strong in the world.




A woman who does right is a beautiful crown to her husband but one who does wrong rots his bones.





Right ones think the right things; wrong ones think lies.




Bad ones will not stand but the right ones will stand.




Ones who have a crooked heart will be hated.





One who does right will take good care of his animals but ones that do bad hurt them.


Whoever plant crops on his land will have lots to eat but one who follows the bad ones doesn’t know anything.





Bad ones trap themselves with their own words.


Silly ones think what they are doing is right but the one who listens to the Lord is very smart.




Some words cut into the heart like a knife but the words of wise ones make the heart better.




No bad thing will happen to the ones who do right but the ones who do bad will fall into the bad they do.


The Lord hates lips that tell lies but he is very tickled by the ones who do what He says.



Ones who are careful to do right will be in charge but lazy ones will have to pay.






Troubles make the heart heavy but a good word makes it happy.



A lazy one throws away what is left over but a careful man takes good care of it.





Doing what the Lord says makes a good life.