My son, keep my words as the most important thing you look at. This will bring you to a really good life and keep you away from women who want to trap you.



I looked out my window and saw a young man who didn’t follow the Lord’s words.



He went by this woman’s house in the evening when it was dark.





This beautiful woman came out to him with sneaky tricks in her heart.





She caught him and kissed him and promised him sweet surprises.





She said, My husband is away and won’t find out.






So the young man followed her but many bad things happened to him because of it.




Listen to me and don’t believe her words because she has ruined many strong, young men.

Wise words stand at the top of the street like a good and beautiful woman and cry out, Hear me and don’t be like foolish and silly ones.

I will tell you the best and right things. My words are better than rubies. Nothing is as good as my words.






To respect God is to hate evil, and being puffed up.




I always tell the right things to do. Kings reign by me. I know right things and I am strong.

Leaders and high men and princes of the world do their job of leading people right and well because they know me.





I love the ones that love me and the ones that look for me early find me.






I give riches and honor and rightness that lasts.





What comes from me is better than the best gold.



I cause the ones that love me to get and keep forever everything that is the best; I fill them with treasures.



The Lord held on tight to me in the beginning before He made the world. I was always with Him.





Before there were deep oceans




and waterfalls and mountains






and fields, I was brought out.





When He made the heavens, I was there.




When He set the clouds above and made strong the water fountains down deep, I was there.

When He put the sand on the seashore to keep the ocean in, I was there.


I was beside Him and He delighted in me every day, being very happy. I was always so happy there with Him.




And I was jumping for joy in what He made




and I was very tickled inside with happiness at the people He made.








So listen to me and do not turn away from my words.



Everyone who listens to me is happy, waiting to hear more from me.



Whoever finds me finds life and the special love from the Lord.





But the one who turns away from me hurts his own soul.




All the ones who hate me, love dead stuff.